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Which RETROit beanbag chair should I buy?

RETROit leather beanbag chair

We have four different style RETROit beanbag chairs and a huge choice of colourways. On the face of it they all look structurally similar so you may be asking yourself which one is the right chair for me? Let us guide you through.

What the RETROit Beanbag Chairs have in common

All of our Beanbag chairs are the same generous size - 96x80x70cm (L/W/Hcm)

They are all built with functional Danish design - twin bagged, for structural support that means you can actually sit comfortably and not sink.

They all have beautiful handmade stitching around the edges that make every piece unique.

The entry level beanbag Chair

RETROit Canvas beanbag chair

RETROit Canvas beanbag chair (Brown/Lime) - $923

Best suited for indoor with occasional outdoor use. Made from durable polyester canvas. Filled with hard EPS beads to ensure the beanbag keeps its shape. We have 9 choices of colourways including twin colourways -  why stick to one colour when you can double the fun with two.

The outdoor bean bag

RETROit Cobana outdoor beanbag chair

RETROit Cobana beanbag chair (Black) - $1016

These beanbags are water resistant and colourfast. This is all due to the olefin fiber material we use. These bags will not get attacked by mildew and won’t fade in the sunlight so leave them out on the deck all year long! In 11 colourways you’ll find a colour to suit your space.

The luxury bean bag

RETROit Medley luxury beanbag chair

RETROit Medley beanbag chair (Dusty Blue) - $1591

Coming in 6 shades, this beanbag is the most comfortable of the collection, filled with 40% foam and 60% EPS beans comfort is king. The Medley fabric is sourced from the Danish fabric designers Gabriel. Made with 100% recyclable polyester yarn, the weave structure gives the chair an intense colour depth and shimmering look. A final touch is the dark leather handle attached to the reverse.

The soft leather bean bag

RETROit Dunes luxury leather beanbag chair

RETROit Dunes Beanbag chair (Camel) - $3233

Nothing says luxury more than velvety, soft to the touch leather. Available in soft browns and coal black, the nubuck leather is as soft as butter with a matt look that brings out the hides natural markings - making each chair truly one of a kind. The leather is not just good to look at, it wins awards for sustainability too. The leather, a product of the danish Sorensen Leather company, holds the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Combine this with our 40% foam and 60% EPS bean inserts for our most comfortable sitting experience. We promise a Dunes beanbag chair will not disappoint.