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Cobana Beanbag Chair in Black - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair Black Rear Detail - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Grey - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Brown - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Turkis - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Sand and Melange - SACKit Australia
SACKit Outdoor Beanbag Chair in White - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Rose - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Light Grey - SACKit Australia
Cobana Outdoor Beanbag Chair in Brown and White
RETROit Cobana Beanbag Chair Brown and White Detail
RETROit Cobana Beanbag Chair
RETROit Cobana Chair Detail
RETROit Cobana Beanbag Chair
RETROit Cobana Chair and Drum and Tray Grey
RETROit Cobana Chair and Drum Grey outdoor

RETROit Cobana Beanbag Chair

SACKit Australia

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The Perfect Bean Bag for Outdoors.

The RETROit Cobana Beanbag is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is water and fade-resistant.

Engineered with water-resistant materials and fade-resistant fabric, the RETROit Cobana Beanbag stands up to the elements, ensuring durability and longevity.

Whether basking in the sun on your patio or lounging indoors, this beanbag remains resilient against moisture and sunlight exposure.

What sets the RETROit Beanbag apart is its unique design, featuring two supporting chambers of beans that offer unparalleled comfort and stability.

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly reshaping your beanbag - the structured design ensures consistent support, allowing you to sink in and unwind without any effort.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with the RETROit Cobana Outdoor Beanbag - where vintage aesthetics meets modern comfort, creating the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy life's simple pleasures, whether you're holding a cup of coffee or immersed in a good book.

The RETROit Cobana Outdoor Beanbag is available prefilled or purchase the cover only.

Product specifications

  • 100 % olefin fiber
  • Filling: EPS beads (if cover only purchased, circa 300-310 ltr of beads required)
  • Measures: 96 x 80 x 70 cm (length x width x height)
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Seat depth: 55 cm
  • Test result / Martindale: 20.000 rubs
  • Light fastness: grade 7-8
  • Water repellent: grade 90
  • Please note: The RETROit beanbag is filled very hard with EPS beads when you receive it. This makes the chair seem hard to sit in the first couple of times you use it. The EPS pearls will adjust within a few weeks, and the chair will feel much more comfortable. The tight filling makes sure that the chair stays in shape.
  • The handle on the back of the chair is a decorative detail and serves no functional purpose. We recommend that the chair be moved by holding the entire chair, not just the handle. You risk damaging the back of the chair if the handle is pulled too violently.



The Best Beanbag for Indoors & Outdoors

Inside? Outside? You decide! Make it your favorite spot in the sun on summer days. During stormy nights and rainy days, it will make the perfect lounge furniture in front of the fireplace. Use it in the living room, in the children's room, in the garden, and on the terrace - MOVEit!

Water-resistant Beanbag

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. RETROit Outdoor is made of the synthetic material olefin, which is water-resistant and cannot get attacked by mildew. So chill and enjoy the fresh air!

Fast to light

The sun is strong in Australia. Luckily, this product is made of a synthetic material very fast to light, so it will not fade in the sun. But remember your sun lotion!


RETROit is made for continuous use. All materials are of the very best quality – a surface of the hard-wearing canvas, a strong polyester undersurface, a YKK zipper, and dimensionally stable bead filling. Go on and have a seat!

Functional design

Forget all about shapeless beanbags floating around on the floor. This product is carefully thought out Danish design that not only looks good and is comfortable to sit in but also keeps its shape. Form and function combined in one!

Dimensional Stable

The RETROit beanbag inside is built up by two separate bags stuck together with Velcro. When you sit in one, the other is automatically pressed up to support your back. Brilliant!

Handmade stitching

The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA!

The RETROit chair is also available for indoor use. Compare different RETROit models.

Cleaning and care

Clean your RETROit Cobana chair easily with a damp cloth, and optionally add a little mild detergent. Although the cover on the chair is removable, we do not recommend you wash it as the handy stitches along the edge of the chair can damage machine washing. In addition, the water-repellent treatment on the inside of the fabric can be less effective if the chair is washed.



Cobana black


Cobana brown


Cobana white


Cobana brown/white


Cobana rose



Cobana grey


Cobana light grey

light grey

Cobana petrol


Cobana sand melange


Cobana turquoise




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