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About SACKit

SACKit Australia

We are excited to bring the SACKit Brand to Australia, offering local customer service and support for this beautiful, quality Danish-designed lifestyle brand.

Having worked with some of the World’s leading furniture brands, the team at SACKit Australia knows quality and design when they see it.

Alan Boyd 

Alan originally trained as a cabinet maker in the shipyards of Scotland; he is now based in Sydney.  

He has worked in various roles in the furniture industry for over 30 years,  becoming the Director of Herman Miller Australia in 2002. 

His role was expanded to cover the Asian region in charge of HM ranges of classic furniture.

He also worked with the Eames Office in Los Angeles, creating Eames events and exhibitions throughout Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand to communicate, preserve and extend the work of Ray and Charles Eames.  

He left Herman Miller in 2009 and has had a “few hats,” including consulting with local and international furniture companies.

He is regularly asked to speak at design events in Australia and internationally; he also writes in design publications and blogs under the handle “thechairmaven.”


Alan Boyd Workplace Design Expert


Lucy Acheson 

With an architect as a father, appreciation of good design was a fundamental part of growing up in New Zealand; however, Lucy eventually trained as an Occupational Therapist, which led to her setting up her own practice in injury prevention and health and safety.

Working with employers and employees to maximize function and prevent injuries led to an ongoing professional and personal interest in furniture design and completing a post-graduate Diploma in Ergonomics.

Family and travel put the career on the “back burner” at times, but the passion for beautiful and functional furniture is constant.

Why SACKit?

SACKit products are unique, functional lifestyle products made from high-quality materials with something for the whole family. Design is the foundation of all products, which is why the range includes beanbags, speakers, serving trays, and outdoor lights, continuing to expand each year to bring integrated designs to your home.

The link between the product range is obvious – they are functional lifestyle products that fit the modern, active life. SACKit is not limited to one product category; they identify customer needs and design products to meet them.


Quality is in the SACKit DNA

SACKit products are put to the ultimate test and only include products that the SACKit team would love to use themselves.

All materials are carefully selected to provide your everyday life with great functionality and aesthetics while being made from durable materials that will continue to last for years.

Every SACKit product has a touch of beautiful Scandinavian design to match the modern home.  The beanbags have handmade linen stitching around the edges creating a unique design and making every piece one-of-a-kind.


 SACKit Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers


SACKit products include: -

RETROit structured beanbag seating and matching ottomans are made for kids and adults who appreciate good design and comfort.

DOGit designer Dog Bed for your four-legged family members who shouldn’t miss out on comfort and design.

TRAYit Serving Tray is a multifunctional wooden serving tray that can be used on its own or combined with the RETROit Ottoman.

SACKit Outdoor Lights light up any area and set the mood for the perfect outdoor entertaining area.

If you would like to learn more about the SACKit range, please do not hesitate to contact us.



5 quick facts about SACKit

  • Founded in 2012 by Kristoffer Glerup in Aalborg, Denmark 
  • Aalborg is where Jorn Utzon grew up. The Utzon Center is the last building he designed, it's more of a research center for architecture and design rather than a museum. Fitting for the legendary architect who designed the Sydney Opera House. 
  • SACKit products can be purchased in 21 countries around the world
  • SACKit Australia is based in Sydney and is part of SMOW Pty Ltd
  • The breakthrough for SACKit was the RETROit beanbag.