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The secret behind the RETROit bean bag chair


The Beanbag has been an Australian favourite for years.

And it is easy to see why!

It is an excellent fit for the Aussie lifestyle and our love for leisure and the great outdoors.

Popular in the 1970s, the Beanbag is experiencing a resurgence, and the SACKit team has given it a much-needed design and structural update.

 RETROit Outdoor Beanbag

A Beanbag designed to keep its shape

The Beanbags of the 1970s were generally high quality and shaped like a teardrop, giving them some structure and support when filled correctly.  Not perfect, but better than the cheap reproductions we saw in the 1990s.

In the 1990s, the popularity of the Beanbag chair declined as cheap materials and products were used, and beanbags became more of a “blob” than a real alternative to a practical, comfortable alternative seating and were definitely not a design statement.

During the ’90s, safety features were introduced, which included safety mechanisms to prevent children from opening and climbing inside, which was a real safety risk for young children.

Since 2012, SACKit has taken its range of Beanbag chairs to a new level, creating a beanbag with structural integrity AND adding a touch of design, luxury, and comfort to your home.

The secret of the RETROit bean bag chair is the internal structure of two separately filled bags. 

The seat and the backrest are two individual inner bags separated by a “wall” of Velcro. This means that when you sit down on the chair, the two internal parts will press against each other resulting in optimal support for the back.

But the best part is….

The RETROit Beanbag is prefilled

There are three reasons the SACKit range is prefilled: convenience, comfort, and style.

Convenience: - While it should be easy, filling a beanbag is NOT a task for the faint-hearted, and due to the separate internal sacs filling a RETROit can take a little more patience.

Finding quality beads and knowing the right volume can also be quite a task and an additional cost.

Due to the inner chambers of the RETROit Beanbag, there is a system of filling for optimal comfort and style, as the beads ‘ fill out’ the internal chamber and shape the chair.

 RETROit Structured Beanbag Chair

Comfort:- The volume of beads added will affect the comfort level of your beanbag chair, and we want to deliver a product you can enjoy as soon as you unpack it.

It is worth noting, that because the chair is prefilled to the maximum volume of beads, the beanbag chair may feel a bit hard the first few times you sit in it, but the beads will become softer after a couple of weeks and begin to feel more comfortable.

The RETROit Beanbag chair is filled with EPS beads and/or foam which are both 100% non-toxic.  The filling makes it shape to your body and thus increases comfort.

With prefilling, you can be ensured that your RETROit is filled with the optimal volume for your comfort.

Style: - The RETROit Beanbags have their own unique style, but style can look pretty sad quickly when the beanbag is incorrectly filled. 

Combining the structure of the beanbag with an elevated height of 40 cm also means that you can rise out of your beanbag with style and elegance!


The Beanbag for Today

If you want to recreate the comfort and love of beanbags that you had as a child, the RETROit may be the perfect match for you.

The comfort of your favourite childhood seat is teamed with a functional design that looks beautiful and is amazingly comfortable to sit in.

The benefits of this double bag design is obvious when you sit. Both the seat and the backrest are sturdy and entirely supportive as the filling can not move or sink between the two.