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Embrace Outdoor Living with a Premium Waterproof Bean Bag

Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space is a top priority for those who appreciate the beauty of outdoor living.

Among the versatile and stylish outdoor furniture options available, waterproof bean bags are gaining immense popularity in Australia.

In a country where outdoor living is a cherished way of life, these SACKit  outdoor bean bags are a stylish and practical choice to enhance your outdoor experience in numerous ways.


waterproof bean bag


The Allure of Outdoor Living in Australia

Australia is renowned for its outdoor lifestyle, celebrated for its magnificent climate and breathtaking natural landscapes.

The allure of alfresco dining, poolside relaxation, or simply lounging on your patio or deck is irresistible.

To fully embrace this outdoor lifestyle, it's crucial to invest in outdoor furniture that can withstand the rigors of Mother Nature.


waterproof bean bag


SUNPROOF® Fabric: Made for the Outdoors

In this quest for the perfect outdoor furniture it is essential to consider the fabric used.

SUNPROOF® Fabric by Ateja is a premium outdoor fabric that provides an excellent solution for outdoor furniture.

What sets SUNPROOF® Fabric apart is its outstanding performance against the harshest weather conditions, as evidenced by rigorous testing against ASTM G53 - 96, an American Standard.

Proven Quality to International Standards

SUNPROOF® Fabric doesn't just stop at being weather-resistant.

It adheres to British standards and other international criteria and has undergone rigorous testing, including:

  • Colorfastness to artificial weathering
  • Colorfastness to rubbing
  • Colorfastness to chlorinated pool water
  • Colorfastness to seawater
  • Water repellency
  • Soil and stain repellency
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-mildew capabilities
  • UV resistance

This comprehensive testing ensures that SUNPROOF® Fabric not only survives but thrives in the face of outdoor challenges.


waterproof outdoor bean bag

Are Bean Bags Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable?

As a conscious choice for the environment, SUNPROOF® Fabric is woven from 100% solution-dyed olefin yarn.

The solution-dyeing process is clean and eco-friendly, as the color is added before yarn extrusion, eliminating dye bath processes and minimizing waste effluents that could harm the environment.

Moreover, SUNPROOF® Fabric is 100% recyclable, further emphasizing its commitment to sustainability.

All SUNPROOF® manufacturing facilities have earned ISO 14001 certification for their eco-friendly practices.

Outstanding UV Protection

One of the standout features of SUNPROOF® Fabric is its ability to resist UV damage and fading.

The fabric employs exceptional ultraviolet-blocking agents that protect the polymer backbone from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

This makes it a perfect choice for all outdoor applications.

The fabric has received UV standard 801 certification, denoting its capability to block over 97% of UV rays.

With this superb UV protection, SUNPROOF® Fabric ensures that your outdoor furniture maintains its appearance over time.

Outdoor Bean Bags Equals Easy Maintenance

Keeping your outdoor furniture clean and fresh has never been easier.

SUNPROOF® Fabric is remarkably stain-resistant, thanks to a specialized treatment that reduces fabric absorption of soil and stains.

Additionally, the fabric is water-repellent, with an invisible shield protecting each fiber to keep it dry and clean.

This natural anti-adherence feature ensures that maintaining your outdoor furniture is hassle-free.

Waterproof Bean Bags: A Perfect Fit for the Outdoors

So, how does SUNPROOF® Fabric fit into the story of waterproof bean bags in Australia?

Outdoor bean bags have become a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, and when they're made from quality materials like SUNPROOF® Fabric, you're taking your comfort to the next level.

Here's why choosing a waterproof bean bag that fits your outdoor environment is crucial:


The Australian climate can be unforgiving.

From intense summer sun to unpredictable rain showers, your outdoor furniture needs to endure it all.

High-quality waterproof bean bags, like those made from SUNPROOF® Fabric, are designed to resist fading, mold, and mildew.

This weather resistance ensures that your bean bags maintain their beauty and functionality year after year.


Outdoor bean bags are incredibly versatile.

You can place them on your deck, patio, near the pool, or even in your garden.

They're lightweight and easy to move, so you can rearrange your outdoor space at a moment's notice.

Whether you're sunbathing, reading a book, or stargazing, these bean bags offer the perfect seating solution.

Comfort and Style

Comfort and style are equally important. High-end waterproof bean bags are designed with your relaxation in mind.

The waterproof SUNPROOF® Fabric not only provides protection but also comes in 11 colors and patterns to complement your outdoor decor.

You can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere without compromising on aesthetics.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning outdoor furniture can be a hassle, but not with waterproof bean bags made from SUNPROOF® Fabric.

Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they'll look as good as new.

You won't need to worry about storing them indoors during bad weather, making your life easier and your outdoor space more enjoyable.

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What is the Cost of Selecting Unsuitable Outdoor Furniture and Bean Bags

If you neglect choosing outdoor furniture that suits your environment, you can face various issues.

Inferior quality furniture can quickly deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. It may fade, mold, or even become unusable, leading to an uninviting outdoor space that fails to serve its purpose.

Moreover, the discomfort of sitting on subpar outdoor furniture can make your outdoor experiences less enjoyable.

After all, outdoor relaxation should be all about comfort, convenience, and leisure.

Take a Seat, or a Bean Bag and Enjoy the Outdoors

In Australia, where outdoor living is a cherished part of daily life, investing in high-end waterproof bean bags made from SUNPROOF® Fabric is a smart decision.

These versatile and durable pieces of outdoor furniture will enhance your outdoor space and create an inviting and stylish atmosphere.

Don't let the beauty of the outdoors go to waste - choose bean bags that are a perfect fit for your environment, and elevate your outdoor living experience to new heights.

Enjoy the luxury of comfort and style with waterproof bean bags designed for the Australian lifestyle - your outdoor comfort is guaranteed, come rain or shine.