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The Timeless Appeal of a Leather Beanbag

If you are looking to add a touch of relaxed sophistication to your home, the Dunes Leather Beanbag might become the most sought-after seat in the house.

Leather holds a timeless appeal that has been used throughout history with an innate beauty that transcends time.

Not only does leather add a touch of luxury to any design it is also a practical, durable product that ages with grace, developing character and personality.

 SACKit Leather Beanbag Chair

Unique Timeless Aesthetic of the Leather Beanbag Chair

A beanbag by itself can add a touch of uniqueness to a home design, when created from leather, the appeal is timeless.  Leather has its own look, feel, and texture and is like no other material.

The Dunes® leather is an exclusive Aniline leather with a natural, rustic look and a sublime, almost velvety tactile feel, at the same time boasting a matt look that’s raw with a touch of “understated elegance”.

As each hide is individual, color tones will vary, and the natural markings will bring another dimension of uniqueness and personality to each piece.

Regardless of the style of your home, whether modern, contemporary, vintage, or an Australian Homestead the material blends seamlessly with any aesthetic.

Dunes® – A soft leather with velvet-like touch.  A slightly raw, rustic look with natural markings.  A lovely natural patina will appear over time, depending on exposure to light and conditions of use.


Dunes Sorensen Leather SACKit

Leather Beanbag Chairs are easy to maintain

Leather can be a lot easier material to clean than most other fabrics.  While there a definitely some “don’ts” high-quality leather is relatively easy to maintain.

The Dune’s range of Leather from Sorensen has a few simple care tips to preserve its long-lasting appeal that will ensure that the leather looks good year after year, generation after generation.

Leather care 101

  1. Avoid placing the leather in direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  2. Clean using the foam from soap flakes for housecleaning.
  3. Avoid soaking the leather or any contact with sharp objects
  4. To absorb any spills, use a clean, dry cloth immediately
  5. To dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush 
  6. NEVER use detergents, ammonia, oils, polish, varnish etc.


Leather is Long Lasting and Durable

Not only is leather long-lasting and durable it ages beautifully. If you have a well-loved leather jacket in your wardrobe, you will know what we mean. The leather softens and gains character, feeling like a warm hug when you pop it on, and you really can wear it with anything.

You can expect a similar experience from the Dunes Leather Beanbag chair, softening with age and becoming more supple with its warm textures and unique markings.

SACKit selected Dunes® leather as it has received the highly-respected  Nordic Swan Ecolabel verifying that is meets the rigorous requirements regarding the environment, use of energy and resources.


Versatility of a Beanbag Chair

If you like to move and redesign your home décor often, then the beanbag chair makes it easy.  The leather finish means that it will blend with any interior, and the aesthetic appeal of the beanbag itself will mean that it will be sought out and be the favourite place to sit wherever it is placed.

The rich colours and texture of the leather bean bag chairs can add a masculine or feminine touch to your design and can be teamed beautifully with luxurious throws and pillows or by adding the matching footstool.

The darker shades of leather in the range add style and substance to interior décor.


Leather and sustainability

SØrensen Leather is an eco-conscious, global brand with the most high-end sought-after sustainable leather in the world. To learn more about their practices and processes you can visit the SØrensen website and view the SACKit CSR Report.


“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”  ~ Frank Lloyd Wright


The sophisticated leather beanbag by SACKit is perfect for anyone who wants ultimate in comfort and style.

Soft leather with a velvet like touch and amazingly comfortable the RETROit leather beanbag will get better with age.

Choose from Cognac, Camel or Anthrazite for a unique look that will complement any décor.

Large Leather Beanbag Chair in Cognac