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Elevate Your Commercial Space with SACKit's Outdoor Furniture


At SACKit, we understand the importance of creating inviting outdoor spaces for your commercial establishment. Our commercial outdoor furniture is not just durable; it's designed to enhance your patrons' experience and keep them returning for more.

Our exterior furniture collection prioritizes quality, comfort, and style, making it the perfect choice for elevating your commercial outdoor areas.

Whether you run a Michelin Star Restaurant, a hotel, a zoo, or a bustling café, SACKit has the ideal solutions to transform your space.

Michelin Restaurant Villa West:


Exterior Lounge Chair


The Villa West Michelin Restaurant exterior furniture project is a testament to the seamless blend of exquisite cuisine, elegant furniture, and breath taking natural surroundings.

SACKit's Cobana Lounge Chair and Outdoor Light were carefully integrated into this culinary haven, creating an enchanting atmosphere where guests can savour delectable flavours while basking in the beauty of their surroundings.

Hotel GSH, Rønne:


Hotel GSH Ronne exterior lounge chairs


Trine Richter, responsible for selecting SACKit products for Hotel GSH, shares her experience: When I saw SACKit’s exquisite lounge furniture that could withstand the Danish summer weather, I was sold.

Explore how SACKit's outdoor beanbags transformed the rooftop terrace of Hotel GSH in Rønne, providing guests a cozy and stylish retreat.

Aalborg Zoo:


Aalborg Zoo exterior beanbag furniture


Aalborg Zoo's outdoor spaces are now more inviting than ever with SACKit's range of exterior furniture.

It adds style and offers a comfortable haven for diverse visitors, including families, diners, and those seeking tranquillity, while enjoying majestic lions' soothing sounds.

Café Peace:


Cafe Peace exterior restaurant furniture


Cafe Peace has elevated its outdoor seating experience with SACKit's outdoor beanbags. The stylish and durable beanbag chairs, serving trays and outdoor lights add charm and are a perfect setting for guests to relax and enjoy their favourite beverages.

SACKit® products are designed for aesthetics, practicality, and resilience, with remarkable water resistance, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather and making it the perfect selection for a busy Café.


SACKit®: The Ideal Choice for Outdoor Commercial Furniture

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