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Beanbags that Designers Love

Luxury Beanbag in Cognac by RETROit

It's Official, we create the beanbags that designers love.

Bean bags are a great way to add comfort and style to any room. But not all bean bags are created equal. The best designer beanbags are made from high-quality materials and feature stylish designs that complement any home décor.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add comfort and style to your home, check out the best designer bean bags, as voted by Interior Designer Chris Carroll.

Beanbags have been loved for generations because of their cosiness and sense of fun. Sometimes the struggle of removing ourselves from the beanbag however made us second guess the intelligence of our decision. 

Beanbags from Sackit have solved this problem and their designer bean bag chairs are not only structurally superior, making them an inviting piece of furniture at first glance, but the fabric is superior and adds class and sophistication.

The RETROit Dune beanbag chair, which Chris Carrol is quick to swoon over, is made from buttery soft leather and transcends the title of mere bean bag to that of designer bean bag chair, and is highlighted by Chris as an ‘iconic design moment in its own right.’


The perfect place for a Beanbag Chair

Cobana Beanbag Chair Brown

When looking to add a new piece of furniture to your room, consider the balance and harmony of the space. This can be achieved through various design theories, such as Feng Shui, which focus on energy flow through an area.  A well-balanced room feels cohesive and harmonious, while an imbalanced room can feel jarring and disordered.

As beanbags take up a large amount of space, consider the proportions of each element.

For example, a bean bag chair might be too large for a small lounge room, throwing off the balance of the space.

However, a bean bag chair can provide a cosy and comfortable spot to relax in a larger room. When bean bag chairs are designed with balance in mind, they can help to create a sense of harmony in any space.

One of the great aspects of beanbags, though, is that they are easy to move so that you can have fun and play with the design and positioning in the room.


Selecting your Beanbag Colour and Fabric


 SACKit Canvas Designer Beanbag Chair Brown-Orange

Matching themes and colours is no longer mandatory in the world of design. When selecting your colour and fabric, consider focusing on three different accent areas.  Adding accent colours brings depth to your design without looking too busy.

A great place to start is with a colour wheel; playing with colours can inspire new ideas and a fresh approach.

Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel (such as blue and orange) are called complementary colours, and they create a dynamic contrast when used together. On the other hand, colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel (such as green and yellow) are called analogous colours, and they create a more subtle effect. You can also use a mix of complementary and analogous colours to create a space that is eye-catching and balanced.

In addition to colour, you can also achieve balance by playing with different shapes and textures. For example, juxtaposing organic shapes with geometric shapes can add visual interest to your space while maintaining a sense of balance. By keeping balance in mind, you can create a stylish and inviting space.

Selecting the suitable fabric for your requirements also adds versatility and can assist with integrating into your design.

The RETROit Cobana designer bean bag chair, for example, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is both water and fade-resistant while being available in a palette of colours to complement your home.

Design your home for you

Designing your home should be a fun and enjoyable experience! After all, you’ll be living with your choices every day, so you might as well make sure that you love them.

It's important to strike the right balance in your design - not too bland, but also not too chaotic and overwhelming.

Finding quality furniture that reflects your personality and brings you joy is essential. By filling your home with things you love, you can create a truly inviting and relaxing space. Life is too short to live with bland, generic decor. Make your home a reflection of who you are, and fill it with things that bring you happiness. So snuggle into your favourite designer beanbag chair and make yourself at home.

 Dunes Beanbag Chair Camel