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Cozy Bean Bean Bag Chair: The Most Sought-After Seat in the House

Harvey the cat never thought he would win a competition, let alone for a cozy bean bag chair. But when his human entered the SACKit competition on a whim, Harvey became the proud owner of a cozy new throne.

Cat Bean Bag

When the winner of this cozy bean bag chair entered the SACKit Bean Bag giveaway competition, I am sure he wasn’t expecting to be usurped from his seat in the house so quickly.

Harvey’s human had been searching for a comfortable and durable bean bag for years and was impressed with the SACKit Beanbag. After a little encouragement from his wife, he entered the competition and was delighted (and a bit skeptical) when he received the notification that he had won.

However, Harvey never doubted that this bean bag would be for him after having had his heart set on the SACKit Pet Bean Bag for years.

While Harvey’s human had been searching for the perfect bean bag chair, Harvey had been secretly watching, eyeing off the pet bean bag from afar.

And when more than one being in a household desires something, lo and behold it will be delivered.

Congratulations Harvey; we hope you enjoy your many years sitting in the sun, enjoying the comfort of your cozy new bean bag.


Dog Bean Bag


SACKit Australia would like to thank Making Home for their support of this competition.